Thursday, 13 December 2012

BT Wholesale Issue - Customers Only - RESOLVED

We have seen a number of disconnections around the Scotland area on connections with usernames ending in

The disconnections are across 21CN (ADSL2+) and 20CN (ADSL/Max) connections which indicate a possible metro-node issue on the BT Wholesale network.

This has already been reported.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Service Outage - Multiple Systems - RESOLVED

We are currently investigating an issue that is affecting multiple services as noted below with their impact;

Outgoing Email - Customers will experience errors, we are working on providing a news outbound email server.

Incoming Email - All customers who utilise our domains for email or have hosted email services will not be able to access any emails stored on our servers, this includes POP3, IMAP & Webmail.  Incoming email is being correctly queued on standby systems awaiting delivery to the main email system.

Websites - Our websites are affected and not resolving, this includes customer control panels etc.

Internal Systems - Our own internal systems are affected meaning we will be unable to deal with some queries in the normal manner/timescales.