Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Email Services Upgrade - Information Only

We have recently undergone an upgrade of all our customer facing email services.

This upgrade has introduced new features, improved anti-spam handling and a new webmail interface.

Anti Spam Handling
The methods of managing spam has fundamentally changed, we think for the better.
Previously potential spam was kept back in a "HELD" folder which you had to log into webmail and release/delete/allow etc.  Emails that are potentially spam are now kept in a "SPAM" folder.
IMAP customers now have the ability to subscribe to this "SPAM" folder directly from their email client program of choice which greatly increases the ability to view potential spam without logging into webmail.
Webmail users can still view and manage potential spam in the same "SPAM" folder via webmail where you can mark it as spam, notspam, allow the message once or block the sender forever.
Spam is a very emotive subject and everyone's spam handling requirements are very different.  Our own testing of the anti spam filtering have shown a high degree of success with a very low false positive rate.

New Webmail Interface
A new, cleaner, more functional webmail interface has been introduced and will be available from the links on our website.
This allows easier to view folders, messages and message body in one clean interface, easier management of centralised calendars with the ability to share.
As this is a fundamental change to webmail, no doubt there will be queries and questions from customers, please feel free to email us or log a helpdesk ticket via your online control panel - while we may not be able to offer an immediate answer, priority will be given to the query where possible.
Should customers wish to over-ride the new interface and go back to the old version can do so from this link : or however spam monitoring is now cumbersome using this method, please contact us for details.

The new webmail interface will be rolled out across the sites at 12:00 on Thursday 14th November however you can view/use it from this link immediately : or

CALDAV Support
Each mailbox now comes with full CALDAV calendering support.  This is an advanced option and should only be used if you fully understand your device/client program as we cannot offer support on every client program or mobile device.  Config assistance can be found here :

Friday, 8 November 2013

Email Platform Maintenance - 10th November 2013 - RESOLVED

From the morning of Sunday, 10th November we will be beginning software upgrades on several of our email servers.

During the maintenance, work should not directly impact customers however incoming and outgoing email services should be considered at risk during this upgrade.

We will post updates as to progress and the completion of the work.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Broadband Outage - Resolved

We are currently investigating an issue in Telehouse which is affecting all our DSL circuits. We will update when we have more info.